Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL

Attitudes have changed so fast in recent years that politicians can hardly keep up. It must stop putting the brakes on modernization," she said in a statement, citing widespread support for such a move. Posted By Worldmeets.

Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL

Pfeil nach links. But her astonishing, home-made brand of social progress is certainly no reason to do so. Pfeil Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL rechts. Yet again the justice system has moved to bring the rights of civil unions closer to those of marriage.

Instead, panels continue to "discuss" and committees continue to bicker while gay and lesbian Germans remain second-class citizens: Despite an overwhelming majority in the polls speaking out for Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL equality; despite open letters by celebrities; and despite the common sense for which Germans are otherwise so proud.

Spahn, whom Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble named as a possible future candidate for chancellor, told Bild am Sonntag that he and his partner would like to adopt children. Their main concern is it would cause problems for the children.

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But now the German chancellor has confirmed her party's opposition. It brings an end to decades of discrimination in connection with one of the most unassailable of U. There is much to gripe about in America - and rightly so. Chancellor Angela Merkel plays the coquettish yet reluctant bridesmaid Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL keep her "guardians of tradition" happy.

Beust's new union would most likely evoke memories of Princess Diana's ill-fated marriage at 20 years of age with a Prince Charles 13 years her senior.

  • Der Spiegel referenced thereby a private ceremony five weeks earlier between Ole von Beust, as he is commonly known, and a year old man. Following my previous Mercatornet report of a German parliamentarian's"family" involving a male homosexual couple, a female homosexual couple, and the daughter born through artificial insemination between them, Beust's "marriage" raises yet more high-profile questions about the integrity of marriage in Germany and beyond.
  • The U. Gay Marriage: U.

Apropos : On Sunday in New York, tourists will again be able to marvel at a very special attraction. This feat complemented Beust's victory ending 44 years of the CDU being in the opposition in traditionally leftist Hamburg. June 30, Gays in the Military? Given its problems and lack of purpose beyond personal pleasure, homosexuality should remain a private, and not a public matter.

Same-Sex Marriage - DER SPIEGEL

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  • The U.S. may have many faults, but Der Spiegel columnist Marc Pitzke writes that this week's historic Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage shows American in its very best form. Gay Marriage: U.S. Sets Benchmark for Hypocrite Germans (Der Spiegel, . Jul 08,  · Der Spiegel referenced thereby a private ceremony five weeks earlier between Ole von Beust, At any rate, Beust stated that homosexual adoption and any same-sex "marriage.
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  • One leading conservative lawmaker, Deputy Finance Minister Jens Spahn, is openly gay and also backs same-sex marriage, according to Der Spiegel. Spahn, whom Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble. Same-sex Marriage meets German Politics. By Andrew E. Harrod. Der Spiegel referenced thereby a private ceremony five weeks earlier between Ole von Beust, as he is commonly known, and a year.
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