Top 10 Dirt Bikes at a Glance

September 10, 2011

Dirt Bikes

Getting the right dirt bike for your needs could be a difficult task. If you are looking out for the top dirt bikes out there today, worry no more; here’s a handy compilation of top 10 dirt bikes.

1. 2011 KTM SX 85

top 10 dirt bikes
85 SX’s sensational engine outputs its power over a wide range with its intake membrane and intricate exhaust. The right gear ratio with its 6-gear transmission system.

85 SX’s lightweight and strong chassis is designed using chrome-molybdenum steel frame with aluminum sub-frame bolted on it. PDS shock absorber features an adjustable rebound that masters the toughest MX courses without expecting too much of their rider. The base MSRP of 2011 KTM SX 85 is $5,199.

2. Yamaha PW50

top 10 dirt bikes
Yamaha PW50 is offered with auto-transmission system, which is a total twist-and-go package. It is powered by a little air-cooled 49cc 2-stroke engine to thrill without intimidating beginners. The class-exclusive shift drive system is maintenance-free, which is enclosed for added protection and durability. Autolube oil injection systems do away with the need for fuel or oil premixing.

3. Honda CRF 100

top 10 dirt bikes
The bikers claim that Honda CRF 100 is one of the interesting motorcycle types, powered by 99cc 4-stroke engine with a smooth manual clutch.

Progressive action is just right for mastering the joy of beginners; Extreme Motorsports rated CRF 100 as one of the most reliable bikes and is the perfect one to fit the needs of wide range of riders. The smooth 5-speed transmission system, pro-link suspension, and its quality mean a lot to the bikers, no wonder CRF100F is one of the most popular off-road bikes in history.

4. Honda CRF 150F

top 10 dirt bikes
Honda CRF150F redefines fun with its new engine, electric push start button, and new transmission ratios. Fresh suspension settings offer better handling, and ideal off-road adventure. Carburetor is featured with a throttle position sensor that help in maintaining a linear throttle response.

5. Yamaha PW 80

top 10 dirt bikes
The off-road family of Yamaha has been blessed with PW 80; a newbie can afford PW 80, which is a unique semi-automatic dirt bike in its class. A simple 3-speed transmission would teach the beginners shifting of gears without having to use the clutch.

It is powered by a 79cc 2-stroke with a progressive rear suspension; 2000 PW80 comes with a price tag of $1,249, making it an affordable choice too.

6. Suzuki RM 85

Suzuki RM 85 - top 10 dirt bikes
Suzuki RM 85 is offered with a technology that is derived from the brand’s championship motocross bikes. It has smooth power delivering and lightweight handling ability. With the loads of mid-range, it is the perfect dirt bike for those who are longing to win a race. The high-revving 84.7cc liquid-cooled engine generates strong peak power and torque. It includes aluminum exhaust valves for stable exhaust flow; the efficient cooling of engine is achieved by the large-capacity radiator.

7. Yamaha TTR 90

top 10 dirt bikes
Yamaha is the leading manufacturer for dirt bikes. It has firmly established its stronghold with a 4-stroke 89cc SOHC air-cooled engine powered TTR 90. It is a compact and reliable power plant that is developed exclusively for TTR-90.

It is equipped with a lightweight crank and CDI rotor that ensures instant throttle response. It is also featured with a three-speed semi-auto transmission allowing easy gear-shifting for beginner level drivers. 2000 TTR is available at MSRP of just $1,649.

8. New Yamaha YZ250F

top 10 dirt bikes
2010 Yamaha YZ250F is a compact, lightweight bike that requires little input for balance. The new bilateral beam aluminum frame features torsional rigidity and precise handling, and a rider will most likely get a stable feel through less tiring.

It is a 250cc machine, whose chassis can be tailored to deliver handling capability as per the needs. The new frame has changed the fuel tank design relative to its predecessor. The traction has been improved by enhancing initial damping quality of front and rear suspension. Bearing $7,090 as the price tag, offering in the White/Red special color scheme for 2010, this isn’t one of the cheapest dirt bikes for sure, but a worthy contender to say the least.

9. 2011 Kawasaki KLX 110

top 10 dirt bikes

2011 Kawasaki KLX 110 is powered by an 110cc SOHC four-stroke 2-valve engine, featured with performance and convenience tools with a push-button electric starter.

Traditional kick-start lever is also available for backup, in case the electric start fails. Its clutch and automatic centrifugal system allows easy shifting without clutch that helps the rider concentrate on ride rather than a lever. The MX-style comfortable chairs are part of comfort level along with a bent handlebar.

10. 2010 Aprilia MXV 4.5

top 10 dirt bikes

As dirt bikes are all about sharp handling and instant engine response, Aprilia uses its revolutionary V-twin motor to offer an excited drive all the time. It is continuously fulfilling the needs of motocross riders with necessary changes. And, the new MXV 4.5 features a 4-speed gearbox to make the 450 cc engine’s performance worth. ECU is housed in an air-box with full and soft power engine maps.

So, there you’ve the top 10 dirt bikes in the market that are worth your money.


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