The Most Powerful Motorcycle in History!

October 15, 2011


From several years, ZX14 has had the most horsepower value (178 bhp) than any motorcycle. However, 175 bhp Suzuki GSX1300 Hayabusa was on top position due to its higher top speed, which was enabled by Suzuki’s aerodynamics and slight deficit in horsepower. Hayabusa recorded a top speed of 317 km/h as measured by Guinness Book of Records and has held the top position for six years since its release.

But, Kawasaki’s recently announced ZX14 (flagship of the company) boasts 1400cc with slipperier aerodynamics and is marked as having the most horsepower and highest top speed of any motorcycle EVER!

There is no doubt that Kawasaki is getting ready to beat Hayabusa with ZX-14. It has spent a lot of time in wind tunnel to increase its performance factor and wanted to be the fastest bunch again.

Despite big K’s coyness, Ninja ZX-14 is going to be the most powerful and fastest bike ever. It will continue the tradition of delivering yet-unheard levels of exciting performance. Its aerodynamic design reminds us that Kawasaki is indeed an aircraft manufacturer.

Power and Performance

fastest motorcycle
The engineers and designers have designed a motorcycle that turns Ram Air and fuel-injected engine into a core of powerful, aerodynamic stunner that grabs an attention from onlookers whether on road or at parking slot. It is a 1352cc motorcycle to be powerful ever, and has succeeded in setting performance standards for others to follow.


fastest motorcycle
ZX-14’s chassis is designed with unique aluminum monocoque frame. It is light in weight and very strong. Its sophisticated design gives a responsive handling capability and incredible highway stability. Engineers were able to provide a very slim compact package by utilizing the frame technology. There are many other key features and it is expected to have a top speed of more than 300 kmph to make it an ultimate fastest motorcycle in relative to road-going motorcycles.

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